A Hero for the Atomic Age (book)

’This wonderful, original book offers a major contribution to the politics of race and racism, to the history of the Cold War and to the emergent field of Atlantic Studies.’ – Professor Paul Gilroy, London School of Economics and Political Science.

’I can only say that I found this to be one of the more enlightening accounts of the history of 20th century science and exploration, thoroughly grounded in solid archival research, and contextualized in terms of the larger foment of social and political currents of the time.’ Professor Patrick V. Kirch (University of California, Berkeley), Fornvännen 107, 2012.

In English and many other languages the name ’Kon-Tiki’ has become a byword for adventure and the exotic. The journey of the Kon-Tiki from Peru to Polynesia in 1947 became one of the founding myths of the postwar world. In the voyage of six Scandinavians and a parrot on a balsa raft across the Pacific Ocean the classic journey of discovery was re-invented for generations to come. Kon-Tiki spoke of heroism, masculinity, free-spirited rebellion against scientific dogmatism, and the promise of an attainable exotic world, while it updated these mythological staples to fit the times. After years of relentless media exploitation of the 101-day raft journey, Heyerdahl emerged as the protagonist in a legend that helped to create a new postwar West. A Hero for the Atomic Age tells the story of how Heyerdahl organized an expedition to sail a balsa raft from Callao in Peru to the Tuamotu Islands in French Polynesia, and explains how he turned this physical crossing into an epic narrative that became imbued with a universal appeal. The book also addresses, for the first time, the problematic nature of Heyerdahl’s theory that a white culture-bearing race had initiated all the world’s great civilizations.

ISBN 1906165319

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